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How do you set up a WhatsApp chatbot?

WhatsApp offers exciting solutions for companies. WhatsApp differentiates according to “WhatsApp for Business” and “WhatsApp Business API”. While “WhatsApp for Business” is free and especially for small businesses, the enterprise version “WhatsApp Business API” offers a professional and privacy-compliant solution for medium and large companies. You’ll learn everything about WhatsApp Business in this editorial: how it works, what it costs,

Why can we talk to the Randy chatbot about artificial intelligence?

Chatbots owe their success and relevance above all to artificial intelligence. Language, gestures and facial expressions are the simplest and most natural forms of interpersonal communication. So what would be closer than using natural language to communicate with machines? The first attempts to use natural language as a communication tool for controlling machines are therefore not entirely new. However, at …

What is the price of a photo?

It is very difficult for most people to estimate the price of a photo. Whether you are a photographer or a customer, here is a small checklist to help you calculate the actual price of a shot.

What chair for Telework?

Even if we sit at meals, transportation or driving, where we are most often, it’s behind our computer screen in the office or at home. Moreover, telework should not be a decrease in the employee’s rights, including the right to remain healthy while doing his job. This is why the layout of a room that takes into account ergonomics for …